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Introducing myself the history of my life. Where I born? How was the condition living with the handicap during my life? How to change my handicap from an disadvantage to an advantage?

How I start the climbing? How the climbing passion turned out in the professionalism activity?

What I did to be a part in the climbing sport? How it is now ? What are the projects?



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Brief summary:
A man:
The route of a child diagnosed by the Rubinstein-Taby syndrome born in Martinique and raised in France by a foster family. He suffers from childhood multiple surgeries performed  in order to ensure him functional mobility. Mobility and autonomy which will enable him to successfully attend regular schools. Yet the access to normality did not quench his thirst for challenge and in 1994 he discovered that climbing could turn his disability into an asset and could paved the road toward complete social integration. and recognition

How from encounters to personal  achievements his intimate journey took him to his first competition on national and international level created a permanent relation between his name and climbing for the disabled . For ten years now he has attended the most important contests in the world, he developed lectures and events, the media and sponsors have proved to manifest constant attention


A personality:
His need for regular self examination, his ability to experience significant encounters with people have helped to develop an extra-ordinary character . Journalists, Filmmakers, photographers and sponsors have for a long time been focusing on the double-sided image he naturally reflects :one of frailty and strength A man who can reach high personal expectations and overcome sports challenges His dream remains the same: to inspire the physically challenged and guide their way up.



More than overcoming physical restrictions, and turning them into assets for success Philippe Ribière ‘s true achievements are his ability to communicate and convey energy., happiness, and positive messages. He is now an ideal representative for the Petzl, La Sportiva, FrictionLabs and Nograd communications teams. The confidence and support they have granted him are the foundations for his future achievements: such as the European Tour beginning in 2009 and including more than 20 countries driving a van and visiting climbers and contests all by himself.

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